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The Power of Spokesperson Training

Companies, now more than ever, need competent and relatable individuals to represent their brand. People are more inclined to connect with someone they can see rather than a faceless organization.

Spokespersons are typically selected employees who represent the organization in the public domain, for example, community events, conferences, and webinars or the media(which include radio, television, magazines, podcasts, blogs, and social media platforms).

A trained spokesperson is able to attract attention, understand the audience, communicate a specific message, display authenticity and maintain relationships with the media.

Attract Attention

Your audience is bombarded by companies offering services daily. Highly efficient spokespersons must be able to attract the attention of the audience and draw them in to the story they want to hear. You can capture the attention of the audience by explaining what you will cover in your presentation; giving practical examples of the cases you illustrated; demonstrating your passion for the topic; and involving the audience by asking questions about their knowledge or thoughts on the topic.

Understand the Audience

You must be able to know your audience. Bear in mind that you will have various audiences. Therefore, you must do adequate research to know their culture, belief systems, language, and knowledge base (i.e., the amount of information that they know about the subject that you will know). Also, you must be mindful that the journalists will be sceptical when they are conducting the interview. As such, prepare as much as possible so that you can navigate the questions calmly.

Communicate a Specific Message

The spokesperson must communicate a specific message that the public wants or needs to hear. He or she coordinates with the senior executive team to formulate key messages that must be expressed during a speech, panel discussion, or interview.

Display Authenticity

A spokesperson must always be authentic when sharing the organization’s messages. People are not stupid. They can tell when someone is being fake. It is obvious when a spokesperson is presenting as if they are delivering from a script. A critical analysis of the organization’s content should be done so that you can express the information in your own words. Once the person is able to put the thoughts in his or her own words, then you will be able to communicate confidently.

Maintain a Measured Disposition

A well-trained spokesperson is able to: listen keenly to questions posed by the media, explain in detail specific points when asked follow-up questions and control the narrative even if an interview does not go according to plan. He or she is always aware that image matters. As such, their posture and voice inflection will remain neutral so that they will be seen as measured throughout the interview.

Having specialized training in being spokesperson is beneficial to the growth and development of the company as he or she will be able to attract attention and understand the audience. Also, the spokesperson has clarity on the clear message that must be conveyed while displaying authentically. Lastly, he or she will be able to be attentive to the line of questioning of the interviewer and control the conversation without losing composure.

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