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The Immeasurable Value of Brand Storytelling

The digital age has revolutionized how companies interact with their customers and stakeholders. Companies can no longer think about just paying for the broadcast

of advertisements on radio and television or flyers in magazines and newspapers.

They are required to tell stories of their brand that provide meaningful connections between them and their customers; this is the essence of brand storytelling. Compelling brand storytelling communicates the reason for the organization's existence and the motivation which drives its commitment to serve its customers.

Professional communicators must create narratives that genuinely resonate with the customer by informing, educating and empowering them. Once these stories are shared consistently, this will help form brand loyalty by the customers. People don't want a company to sell a service or product merely, but they want to tell stories that capture the company's core values.

Brand storytelling

  • Captures the attention of the customer

  • Sells the company more convincingly

  • Differentiates the company from the crowd

  • Provides genuine connection with customer

Captures the attention of the customer

People don't want to hear just a plain list of the benefits of a product or service. They want to "feel" the story. We, as human beings, make decisions based on stories and emotions. Once a company has done this effectively, the customer will want to listen to what the company has to say.

Sells the company more convincingly

Brand stories attract you to the brand of the company and allow brand followers to share the message with the other prospective customers. Third-party endorsement is the best way for people to learn about a company because the person communicating is unpaid and deemed trustworthy.

Differentiates the company from the crowd

Storytelling plays a vital role in distinguishing one organization from the other. Although some companies may have similar services, they are aspects of the company that make it unique. The company may have a slogan or core value which acts as a driving force of the company.

Provides a genuine connection to the customer

The brand stories cannot be fabricated stories used to boost sales. These stories must be a reflection of the company's interactions with customers. One of the most effective ways to showcase the stories of the executive members at the helm of the company for many years is to highlight the character traits of the executive member. Also, describe each member who embodies the values the company represents.

The aim of organizations should be intentional about telling their brand stories. If the brand storytelling is done well, companies will attract the target audience's attention, sell the company brand more convincingly, stand out among their competitors, and provide real connections with their customers.

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